8 Nov 2017

Unintended and Chinese stuff

Hi all.
It's been a while. I skipped last week's post since I didn't really have anything interesting to say. This week however, I felt I had to mention a few things.

So here we go..

Unintended has been progressing a bit. I've finally started the "Windy City". I posted this picture last week in twitter. It's an initial tilemap test and overall style sketchup.

I like the volumetric light and I feel like the clouds are also shaping up nicely. This week I continued to work on some of the buildings in the area. I played around with some different building perspectives for this level, but after some consultation I decided to go with simple high rising buildings.

Here's the current progress with them:

I will probably continue on these a little more to flesh out some stuff around it, but I still feel pretty happy with it.

My rib seems to be finally fully healed and so I'm back in the gym :) That's nice. Does eat some unintended time, but I think it will be worth it.

We've been working on some patches for the Lucius games. We released a Simplified chinese patch for Lucius 1 and saw a significant jump on the sales during the Halloween sale. The figures did quiet down after the sale but the percentage seems very high still. Definitely worth it and paid itself probably in the first day. So that's nice. We also released a patch for Lucius demake (Pc/Android). It has some improvements in the overall game and also the simplified Chinese. Let's see how that goes.
Ryan Clarke mentioned in his twitch video about the crazy numbers that (I think) PUBG brought in.

So this is what has been the talk lately:

So this is from the Steam hardware survey and it says that already 56% of the total steam users speak simplified Chinese. It's quite crazy. Anyway this means that probably all my games in the future will have Chinese on launch day. I will try to collect some more numbers for our results in and post about them, once I have at least a month or two of sales to draw from.

So. Can't think of anything else now, so maybe next time!



  1. I think it's amazing that Lucius was released years ago and you still update it once in awhile! Not a lot of game developers do that. Kudos to you.

    1. Good to know that someone appreciates them. :)

  2. I can feel the wind already! Those buildings are a really good choice :D Also good to hear that you are back in shape :)
    It felt amazing to see a language you speak is becoming more significant, the percentage for Chinese is shockingly high comparing to English. Do you plan to have Lucius II available in Chinese as well?

  3. I'm not sure about L2. It's a bit more difficult at this point.