26 Jul 2017

Birds and stuff.


So I've got a small update.
Check it out here:

So what I've got here is a level where you need to get the eggs to a gate keeper, but when you pickup an egg, the vultures start to follow and attack you. Also there's some rocks flying around all the time.
I've also added a small river with a waterfall. I still need to work on the smoothness of crossing it, but other than that, I think it's a fun idea. A Little frogger game :)

So that's what's going on there.
As for other news. I had some family parties and stuff during the weekend. Saw grandmothers and everything. I've also developed a sudden interest on smart appliances and a smart home in general.
So I've been playing around with Cortana's voice commands and coding some stuff for it. Maybe eventually I'll have everything voice controlled.


19 Jul 2017

Unintended Speech bubbles

So, what has been happening? A lot I would say. Almost time for my summer vacation. That means a lot more work on Unintended. Hopefully I will be on the end-stretch after this vacation.
I've been working on the ridge a bit more. A lot of obstacles and enemies. To tell you the truth, Lucius has been taking a lot of my attention lately. But it's fine. That needs to be a priority anyway.
Here at home, I've been looking into re-doing the conversations. Since they also need to work somehow in the same screen multiplayer. So here's how

This system would mean that I loose the portraits and the titles from the earlier system. But I think it's for the best. Have to still figure out some placing issues though. Hopefully this will work okay in the end. I would have some more stuff to show you from this map, but I think I'm gonna save that until next week.

ps. I have my rant about PayPal over there as a draft, but once I got the problems finally figured out, my anger kinda went away. We shall see. If I get bored I'll finish writing it and publish it.

Anyways. Until next week.

12 Jul 2017

The Rimestone Ridge

The Rimestone Ridge

After the mud city, after some caves and a mohara desert, it's time to move on, through the eternal pit and the bats of eternal flame. The only way to your next destination is through The Rimestone Ridge. It is a dangerous place that only the most agile heros may cross. Through the never ending rocks and vultures one can survive only to find a gatekeeper, tollman, assigned by the emperor. It is the Ridge Binhan, who stands in your way then.

Here is the first part of the area. Some falling rocks and stuff.
I'm thinking of changing some things still. Maybe change the ground where the rocks hit to different color, so you would have more an idea of where to go here.

I think I will also create some new music for this one. Maybe I can have a more height feeling to it. I have some new characters also planned for this area and some new type of puzzles. Did someone say frogger? We shall see.


4 Jul 2017

Unintended sandman

Hello Hello!
Getting some stuff done. Let's get straight to it.
Today I'm gonna show you the sand monsters.
They are not very dangerous. They do kill you but they rarely hit you. 
They are also pretty hard to time and kill, but they do have a higher drop rate for rewards.

They have a pretty funny sounds. I should make video rather than a GIF. We'll maybe in couple of weeks I'll compile a video of these last few posts so that you can hear it with sounds and music.

This desert is kind of a crossroads type of area where you get to return at least couple of times.
It's got currently over 7 caves and 2 other entrances. I'm still hoping to add some more. 
Next I think I'm gonna show you guys the ridge. It's got some new art and new type of enemies. More of running than relaxed puzzles. I like it. It's missing a music though, so I need to do that soon.

In other news:
I've been struggling with PayPal a lot lately. They have been a real pain in the ass. I think I'm going to write a rant of some kind about the whole experience once it's resolved. It's very hard to understand how companies like this can even exist.

Well. Laters!