7 Mar 2018

The Unintended Steam Store page is up.

Hello Hello,
Another long break from the blog. A lot has however happened in my world. Things are moving along with Unintended. It's not quite finished yet, but I've started to beef up on the marketing and everything around it. Here are the few main things:

1. The Company. http://aikio.io

So. I did not want to sell this under Shiver Games for various reasons. (mainly the theme is so different.) So I've started a new company for my solo work. It's called Aikio. Which is just my last name. I also created a small and simple website for it. Nothing too fancy there. But there was a lot of work to be done on getting domains, registering companies and etc. All is done now. Yei!

2. The Webpage. http://theunintendedgame.com

I also did some updating of the original webpages. I still plan to update it a lot more, once I have the time, but I'm fairly happy with the key art floating on the page. Here's gif of the same thing. As you can see the fourth character is also there and fitting with the rest fairly well, I would say. I also feel that it's important to include bunnies. Yes, we need bunnies.

2. The Steam page.  Steam link

This would be the most important thing. I think this will be my main avenue to attract interest. I will be following the progress closely and trying different things there. The wishlisters are what interests me the most at the moment, so be sure to do that if you can. I will be most grateful :)

As you can see a lot has been happening in terms of Unintended and that's not to say that I haven't been busy with Lucius also.  I have. But can't really be showing too much of that now :)

We are getting some Lucius testers this friday and then I'm off to another trip. This time it's Kap Verde! Wuhuu!

Ok. Maybe that's about it, for now. Laters!