23 Aug 2017

Unintended Magma Kingdom

So here is the first version of Magma Kingdom art. It's one of the last areas of the game, but you get to see it slightly before you actually have to go there.

I'm pretty happy with it. The fires are a part of an asset pack I bought a while back. They fit well here. It's got a pretty nice atmosphere. I'm writing this in Rome, so not too much happening here.
But next week I'll show you some more areas that I've been working on.

Until then..

9 Aug 2017

Unintended Inventory Iterations

Another take on the inventory. I still wasn't happy with the inventory I came up for the co-op. It was somehow too small and hard to make out. So I created another iteration. This time more in line with some of the other changes I've done lately.  So this is the third iteration, so let's hope that the third time is the charm!

Here's a layout of the whole progress so far:

This new bubble is a bit limiting space wise but I feel like it should be enough. Anyway I think it's way better than the earlier versions now.

This also now worked pretty well with a second player. Next week I'm going to be traveling to Rome. So not work happening here. But I've been having a lot of progress in the upcoming areas Misty forest and Magma kingdom. I'll try to show them soon.