13 Mar 2017

Some small graphical fixes.

So I have a vacation coming up. We are gonna travel to Lisbon and hang out for a week.
This means there will not be much updating going on during the upcoming week, but maybe thats a good time to show something from Lucius.

I've been adding some small details on the earlier parts of the game lately. I think I will be doing this a lot as the time goes by. Just to make the world seem more dynamic and interesting.
Here are a couple examples:

Dropping leaves.

Smokey jiminy.

I've aldo added the third playable character now. It's another boy. Hope someone likes it. So now all we need is another girl. 

My pipeline for these characters is terrible. It takes way too much work to create a new playable character. I should create some sort of automatization but I guess since we are all ready doing the last character, it makes very little sense to do it now.

Okay Cheers.
I'll be in Portugal.

5 Mar 2017

Another Unintended Boss


It's been almost two weeks since last update. Sorry about that. Progress has been painfully slow, but I finally do have a sort of an idea of the mud king encounter. It's a boss fight and I've spent quite bit on thinking about this one. Finally I have a clear idea what's it going to be.

Here's a video:
So what happens here is that the monster will jump every 20 seconds and the player will fly in the air because of that. Now once in air the player can fly around and he must try to stay with the mud flying with him, so he can land safely. He should then proceed to break some pipes where they are vulnerable and some of these spots might require the flight again.
Once the pipes have been broken the king is vulnerable and the hero can actually dispose of him.

I still need to create a beginning to this and an ending for the encounter. Destroying the king would give the player a new item and also would change the mud city into a totally new area. I needed to create a song for this and I wanted it to fit the 20 second loop. I feel like it does the job of a boss encounter music and is pretty well in sync with the encounter. I also created some new songs for Lucius too while I was at it. They were pretty simplistic piano things.

Well. That's about it.
Until next week maybe?