27 Dec 2016

Christmas presents from the devil's son.

So naturally I was not really able to work too much during the christmas. We traveled few hours to the north and spent Christmas there. The weather was not great, but it was fun overall.
Lucius has been on #wintersale and is once again very cheap. -78%

We did a giveaway on facebook and gave away few steam keys. It got pretty good results (2,6k reactions) and we had a christmas themed image created for it.  Pretty dark. A little secret here is that this image is using some assets from Lucius III and it's a straight image from the engine.

I've been working on the mud city a bit and it certainly has a very unique feeling instantly when you enter it. I'll show you the area with music next week.


16 Dec 2016

Houses, Blankets and Progress.

Ah. I really have did not have any time to work on Unintended this week. We are close to buying the apartment though. Which is nice.

As a consolation prize, I'm gonna show you what my gf made for us:

It's actually pretty big. It almost covers our whole bed. It took her something like nine months to make. I have to say that it's pretty cool. She used this image as a reference for it.
I give it  9/10.  Only way to get a 10/10, would be to use Lucius as a reference, or maybe the Unintended kids.  :)

Lucius on the other hand is coming along nicely. I think we are somewhere around 30% of content done. 
On the right there's a slice of our workload and how it's progressing overall. This would actually only be like a "pre beta" stage, but it still looks like it's going to be ready somewhere around 2018.  

We published this image in facebook during the week. It was drawn by Mika Koskensalmi. He was our main concept artist during the design phases. This is actually quite an accurate presentation also on our current progress. We are pretty much creating this area right now.

Okay maybe that's enough for now.
Maybe next time I'll have some Unintended things to show.

ps. I'm not really sure how well the friday works for me. I might be changing the date, I post these during the upcoming weeks, but don't worry, I'll keep posting at least once a week.

Kind Regards,
Johannes Aikio

10 Dec 2016

The Unintended Mud city and Kudo

Some very small updates today.
I'm working on mud city. Currently it's still very much a work in progress. They kinda look like gingerbread houses, but I assure you they are mud houses :)

It's coming along. I'll show you more once I get it to a more respectable stage.
While building these houses, I also worked on some bugs that got reported to me.
Coincidently I have a real life apartment hunting going on too.

In other news:
I watched Kubo and didn't really think too much of it at first glance. It seemed like a very normal type of 3D movie to me, but after learning that it was fully stop motion animated, my jaw dropped.

Check this out. It's really incredibles.

Kudos to them!

And Cheers!

2 Dec 2016

Small Unintended updates.

So I've been pretty busy. I finished the bossfight and continued the cave puzzles forward.
Here's an example of what's to come:

It's pretty obvious what to do here. (I hope)
These are called the "mud caves" so I'm trying to bring more and more of the mud thing to the forefront.

The puzzles continue with a similar fashion and they continue to get more challenging hopefully.

I've also added some currency finally to the game. From breaking some rocks you get these gold nuggets. The Mud City would be the first place to use them in.

I also ended up redoing some of the graphics from the movable tiles so that they are correctly in perspective. Also after some feedback of a tester I decided that the tiles need a pulling possibility.
So I had to also make an animation for this.

Now you need to target first the object and start pulling/pushing by pressing a button.

Well that's about it for now.
I'll try to keep friday's my posting day from now on.