29 Jan 2017

The Unintended Maze of Mines


Nothing much happening here. I'm slowly progressing through the Mud Castle levels. This is floor number two. It's a sort of a maze of mines. Mine maze? While having this tested I also got some very much unintended and accidental content that I think I'm gonna be using towards the end of this tower.

Anyway, this is how the mines work in Unintended.


It's important to me that the gameplay and content feels fresh and new most of the journey, so that's why I'm trying to implement new features on every corner.

The video seemed to come out pretty laggy for some reason. The game itself runs extremely smooth so it's just my recording software or compressing that's doing it. If there's any developers out there, I would love to hear some recording setups you might have. I have been mostly using Fraps and then converting it with some other software, but I keep loosing some of the colors that way for some reason. This was taken with Screencastify but that tends to not really capture the sound very well and sometimes the framerate seems laggy on the recording. So if you have a secret formula for the best possible gameplay-video-setup then please leave a comment, and I'll probably give it a try.



22 Jan 2017

Unintended crochet and falling tiles.

I got a present today. It's pretty cool :)

I like it. It's got a permanent place on our household :)
I've been also working on some music during this week, but didn't really find the exact thing I was looking for. I've also started working on the Mud Castle from the inside. It will be comprised of 7 floors that each have a different style of a puzzle game inside them. One by one you will proceed to towards the top floor, where you will find our second boss fight.

This room has some falling floor traps in it and you will have to find the correct route through. I know, It's a pretty straight forward puzzle, but the next room will already be much more challenging.
The room is currently pretty sterile. I had to create yet another tileset for this castle. I will be probably adding some mud here once I'm done with the puzzles and certain it's not gonna interfere with them too much.

Next week I'll be showing some more floors and hopefully soon our second boss fight.

15 Jan 2017

A small Unintended title screen.


Today I'm gonna share some work in progress stuff again. I've been working on the mud city and some catacombs beneath it. Currently I'm at the point where the player is actually able to enter the Castle. I did some investigating and I did find some examples from the 8 bit era that used perspective backgrounds at some points, and I was looking to give the player a special feeling before entering this place. It still needs some work and fine detail, but I really like the direction this is heading.

I'm probably gonna change the music for this part. This is a new tune that somehow is stuck in my head so I had to record it and now it's in game. I'll probably end up using it somewhere else tho. This part would require some more delegate piano sombre moment thingy. I'm not sure.

Also Lucius has been having a good week. I was afraid that the changes in the Steam store would have a negative effect of the sales, but it seems that it's selling still somewhat in a regular or even better pace. The Lucius Bundle is currently -85%.

We'll that's that. Next time I'll take you inside the castle.

8 Jan 2017

The Unintended catacombs.

Working on some unintended things. I'm just gonna quickly show you couple of the new areas that are still under construction a bit. There are some spoilers ahead, but I'm hoping that everyone will have more than enough time to forget these and they are still anyway subject to changes.

I created some mud filled rooms first. I had to do a couple of new tilemaps for this, because I plan to use the clean version of this room too. I also added a secret door to one of these rooms

This door leads to a secret room that has another new tileset. This one is themed more in a castle or catacombs style. I still might be cleaning this up a but. We shall see. At the center of this room there's a weird artifact holder type of thingy. Each of the artifacts can be obtained from various places around the mud city.

Where this might lead then? Are we gonna meet some monsters here? Maybe a new friend?  

We shall see.


1 Jan 2017

The Unintended 2017 and The Mud City.

So.  It's 2017.  Happy new year everyone!
I've been working on the mud city lately and it's starting to come a long.

I wanted this place to have a significantly different type of mood and some weirdness to it, so I went about it from the music angle. I had and idea that the Mud people are being held slaves by the Mud King. I listened some funk at the time and that gave me the idea to start work on a marching beat first and then bring the rest towards that. I also added a ton of moving effects to the town. Some of the mud pipes are animated, and some mud splashes from mud geyser every now and then.

I've started to work on the houses and I do have a pretty good idea of the puzzles that we are going to be seeing here. Task here is to find a way to the castle and you will need to visit the houses to find it.

Most of the houses have some internal puzzles that all together come to a bigger whole.
The houses also need a variation to the main music and also the castle would need some new music.
Hopefully we will have some of that next week.