11 Oct 2017

Let there be light.

So. Still working on the misty forest. Adding some new elements to the whole light reflecting puzzles. I've added a darkened area to the map that you will have to illuminate. This darkened area is infested with wolves but luckily they will steer away from fire.

Hopefully that gives a clear enough idea of the situation. I'm liking the forest now a lot more. Maybe I'll add some rats until getting to the clouds.

Lucius Demake is out now for Android. 
It's not really doing much sales yet, but we'll hope for the best around halloween.

It costs 2.99$
All the support would be appreciated :)
Get it on Google Play

Our office move has not been the best ever experience. A lot of the construction were still underway when we got there with our truck. They are now saying that they will be ready in a month or so.

The roof is leaking :(

This is how it looked when we got there:

Well. That's about it for today.
Until next time.


  1. Oh the fires light up automatically :D Nice (and the sound effect from Lucius II too!)
    Congratulations on the Android release again, it’s maintaining a lovely 5 star rating for now, hope it lasts :) Btw I’ve made a short video to help promote your game and someone asked if it will be available on iOS, what’s your thought?
    Sorry to hear about your office :( Must be hard to work under conditions like that... Hope it finishes soon!

  2. Yeah. Well they actually light up when the light hits them. I've noticed the video. I think it will help a lot. Hoping we will get some featuring during Halloween. I think iOS is not worth the risk since they tend to not take in easily these violent and harsh genres.

    1. Getting featured with all the other games in the way will not be easy, but good games will eventually be found, as mentioned in this article: https://rst-it.com/blog/how-to-get-featured-app-store-google-play/
      Hope it helps :) Also will keep mentioning your game in my videos ^-^