27 Sept 2017

Itsy bitsy spider..

I've been so lazy lately. Never do sports. Had to take some x-rays and it turns out, I have a broken rib! I would love to say that this is the reason why I haven't been updating much, but it's not really the case. I've just been lazy. Next friday we are going to be moving our office to a new location. It's exciting. The office is slightly smaller, much cheaper, and probably much nicer. It's still being renovated. The old building is going be renovated too, so that's why we had to move. Anyway all good! We are cutting down some expenses and hopefully that will translate to some good stuff for Lucius III. 

Speaking of Lucius. We are almost done with the Android version of Demake and will be soon releasing it. Maybe slightly before Halloween in hopes of Halloween featuring. It will be available in the Play store and the Amazon store. (hopefully).

Other big Lucius news: We also released Demake in the new Jump platform. It's a subscription based service that doesn't use any streaming. It has mostly small, but highly curated bunch of games.
I like it!

You can check it out here:  https://playonjump.com/

It has a nice 14 day trial, so what's there to lose. Try it!

About Unintended...
I've been still working on the Misty Forest parts. Mainly I want to add another sort of boss type of fight. So I'm just adding some creatures and stuff before we get to the Windy City.
Here's an example of a spider I've been working on. It has been quite a challenge to get it working. So far I have no ideas how to add a puzzle to this. Perhaps it will be enough to just avoid it. I don't know yet. I'm hoping to eventually combine all the forest parts to one large combination of things.

So here's the spider:

I like it so far. Just needs some more stuff to really stand out. I figure I need quite a few of these more interesting parts to the game, so It's easier to market it.

Well.. That's about it for now.
I'll update some more in a week or two.



  1. Unitended is looking amazing!!

    Also, I hope you're alright!

    1. Thanks. I'm good. It's not that big of a problem.

  2. Wow those are some big news! :O Oh shit a broken rib! What happened? Do you need to operate? Also, congratulations on your new office! Hope the moving process goes smoothly :)
    That spider looks pretty intimidating to me, those long legs got me the chills, good job on that ��

    1. No need to operate. I'm not sure how it got broken though. Thanks for the kind words.