6 Sept 2017

The Misty Forest

Hello everyone.

Very busy weeks. Bunch of gamedev parties and stuff. I also started a new hobby, so I'm just going to give a quick update on the Unintended progress.  It's some footage of the Misty Forest.
This is fairly empty still but I plan to add some more creatures once I have some time. The Misty Forest opens a path towards the Windy City and this is all behind an elaborate light reflection puzzle with several steps to it.

So.. As you can see, there's some spiders there already. I used the mud stick that I placed there just for the purposes of this video to close the spiderhole. Also you can see here the rotating mirrors that are in the woods. This is how you will be able to reflect the light around. What to do with that light then? You will have to play it yourself to find out.

Okay that's it for my quickie update.


  1. Oooooh light reflection puzzles, that looks fun! :D So the spiders are not one hit death then?
    What's your new hobby? May I know? :D

    1. No they are not. These spiders need a group of ten to actually kill you. I've added some other places too where you can get hit and not die instantly. So far there is still no health in the game and I kinda like that. As for the hobby. Just some new sport I'm trying out. ;)