3 Jun 2017

The Mud Stick. What is it?

Hello Fellow Human Beings!

So I'm back in the Unintended business. Leaving the Mud City behind soon. I had this problem of the mud stick. What is it exactly? I have had the idea of it for a long time now. Now it finally works.
Here's the Stick in action.

So with the stick you will be able to create some new routes. I also started to work on the web pages for the game, mainly thinking about the possible greenlight situation, but as it seems Steam actually had some news for me and they kinda affect the situation a lot.

So if you haven't already heard, then check this out:

They pretty much say that the price of "Steam Direct" will be 100$ and it's even recoupable. So that means, it will be very cheap and greenlight now probably does not make that much sense.
It's a pretty crazy decision. I feel like the price should have been a lot more. I don't think this will fix any of the current Steam store problems. There will be a ton more of fake games coming in and this was suppose to start fixing that problem. So I guess they like the idea of being similar to the mobile stores.

Anyway, here are the Unintended webpages now: http://theunintendedgame.com 
The videos and the gifs are kind of placeholders for now, until I get some proper stuff there.
If you have any ideas or comments about the pages, please let me know. I take criticism well, so don't worry about offending me :)

In other news:
I went and saw the Wonder Woman movie. I liked it, but I was still a little disappointed. There were couple of obvious bad choices here or there. It was one of the better DC movies out there, probably right behind the Batman trilogy. Love Zimmer in soundtrack. Actually just watched him performing live couple of weeks ago. But still. I'll give it 7/10.
Couple of tweaks would have done it for me.

So that's about it for today.
Hope you are having a great summer.


  1. Path creating ability! Brilliant! :D
    Who knows what people at Steam were thinking, but well, looking to the bright side, at least you won't have to worry about votes...
    The simple and tidy layout of the webpage works for me, just one tiiiiny and unimportant detail, you might have left out a full stop under Rich story in Features ^^;
    (I must've subscribed three times now, sorry if I caused any spam)

    1. Hmm. What do you mean with the full stop?

    2. Play on a single screen sharing the fun.
      Learn the secrets of the lands and meet interesting people along the way()
      The Unintended is mainly a puzzle game with a slowpaced gameplay.

      The punctuation is missing. Maybe you're more familiar with the term 'period'? :)

    3. Ah yes true. Should be fixed now.