18 Jun 2017

Unintended continues.

I've now kept a tighter schedule and it's definitely been much more productive. Helps me to keep track of everything.
Here's one thing I did lately:

The villager is lost and you need to take him home. It's fairly simple.  I've tried to fill the town with these sort of easy problems that reward a lot, so you will have some gold for the shop. There's some hidden gold stashes here or there.
I also changed the conversation system a bit to allow several sentences for one conversation and the text now appears one letter at a time.  I still need to think about the co-op and how the conversations work there. It's a bit intrusive for other players, so I might make it a bit smaller. We shall see.
Have to test it out first.

So that's what's happening. Midsummer's Eve is coming next week and we will take a trip to the countryside, as is tradition here in Finland. It remains to be seen if I have time to post anything, until after that.


  1. I love simple quests with good intentions! :D Makes you feel good about yourself.
    Is there a particular reason why you choose to make the text appear one letter at a time? Not saying it's bad, just that my lecturers always ask students questions like these that normal people don't usually pay attention to, and then when you think about it, they kinda have a point. "Everything must have a reason, if you don't have a good reason for it, most of the time it's unnecessary." At least that's what they taught us, I'd love to hear from a game developer's point of view :D
    Enjoy your holiday ^^ Maybe you can tell us a little about your trip in your next blog?

    1. Yeah I think giving the text slowly helps the reader to pace the text better. This also helps on some parts to give out relative information exactly on a precise moment. I'm not sure how fast the text should be, but I feel like it makes the character more alive somehow.

    2. Good point :D It does feels better than just displaying the whole sentence at once, and players won't miss out vital information when they read word by word. Thank you so much for your response! ^^