29 Jun 2017

Midsummer and unintended break.

I'm back. I went to VehniƤ for a few days. It was around 3 hour train ride. Some friends, beer, lake, sauna and etc. Basic Finnish things. It was pretty fun. So what has happened in the game?

Bunch of things. You finally get to cross the eternal pit and meet some bats again.

There's two options on the bats. Just dodge and avoid them or there's also a way to get them to leave you alone. Like so.

I've also created some new "sand monsters" for the desert area and started working on the ridge. I will show you guys some more next week.

In other news:
Steam summer sale has begun and all our games are on sale again. Seems to be generating some income. I've bought several games already from the sale.

Let's see when I have time to test them out properly. Actually I already played some Hidden folks and it was pretty cool.

Okay that's it for now. Later!


  1. Heeyyyy welcome back! :D
    What does putting out the flames do to the bats though? Bats use echolocation to hunt in the dark, so even without light, they can still 'see' you with sound... ^^; But I could be wrong, maybe you have a different plan?
    Good to hear that steam sale is going well for you :D Just out of curiosity, which of your games sell the most?

    1. As for the Lucius games. I think Lucius 1 still sells the most.
      Lucius II after that and demake the last. Demake is not really moving the needle too much.

    2. The bat thing: Not all bats actually are blind or use echolocation. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2011/02/bats-are-not-blind/
      But it's not that they don't see you there. They are just kind of stuck inside the light area and putting the lights down, will let them out.

    3. So it's more like setting them free? Interesting :D Thanks for the enlightenment!
      Well I guess not everyone appreciates the beauty of pixel art... Still taking my time to run 26 miles in the game haha ^^ Congratulations on Lucius 1! Hope Lucius III would sell even better :)

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