12 Jun 2017

The Unintended Schedule


I've been looking over the Unintended project now with some producer glasses a bit, and started to map out the whole project and the workload for completing it. It's very hard to determine a clear and precise tasklist for the game, since I only have a very loose outline written out for the game, but I feel like I'm not gonna be able to really finish it otherwise, so I actually scheduled all the work evenings for myself and created a sort of a tasklist that I felt like would be required for completing all the playable content in the game. I basically decided to create myself deadlines for each task so I won't stay too long fiddling out with nonsense.

Here's a quick snapshot of the sheet I made:

I scheduled four evenings a week for this project and used that to calculate how long would it take to finish it. So the current content-ready-status would be around January 2017. This is not really ideal, but I can live with that. It would mean that it would come out just slightly before Lucius, depending on the polish stage. If by some miracle I manage to fill these tasks out all in half the time I scheduled for them, then I can be ready with the content by October. So let's aim for that. I can then start to polish and test everything once I have a clear ending to the game and everything in between.

So! No more slacking off! We need to get some results out there!

In some other news.
I just found out about a game called: Crypt of the Necromancer, and I have to say I'm very inspired. Love the music in it. Danny Baranowsky is a genius. It's all just very cool. Great work there!

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  1. Wow Productive Mode ON! :D
    I should make myself a schedule too, but following it is the hardest part...
    May the Force be with you \o/