28 May 2017

The Unintended liberation

We had a four-day-weekend. Thursday was a holiday here, so most kept the friday off too. I've mostly used this time to produce some music and It's been mainly for Lucius. After that I've been struggling with some bugs in the new inventory system, but finally managed to get it fixed. (I think)
So now I've progressed into populating the clean version of the mud city.
I've created a bunch of new NPC characters for the town.

Couple of them look like they are naked in this gif but that's not the case in the game.
They are pretty simple characters like before. I am planning on some puzzles around them. Getting items from some and bringing them to others. Also I think I'm using some of the conversations as helpful clues for the secrets in the town. The player is now stuck here unable to return through the same route he came, so he must find a new way.

The music production for Lucius has taken a considerable chunk now from my evenings and weekends, but I think I'm starting to have what I need. So I can probably continue to focus on Unintended more.

I've been thinking about putting the game to greenlight soon. I wonder if it would go through with it's current state. This would allow me to get a head start on implementing the Steam stuff to the game.

In other news: 
They've opened up a movie theater near me, where you can drink alcohol and sit on a sofa with your own table. So we went to see Trainspotting 2 there. It was surprisingly good. We watched the first part just before watching the second one, and I feel like the second one was actually a little bit better. 7/10



  1. Heeeyy sounds like you've been through a productive week :D I see the screen effect is better now, with these NPCs, Judey will be lively again~
    Do tell us when your game is on greenlight :D You have my vote for sure, I'll ask my friends to vote too