20 May 2017

Lucius Music

It's been two weeks since my last post, and they went by fast. Very little progressed in Unintended. I've worked a little with the inventory, but mostly just small adjustments here or there. I've had to do some music for Lucius so that has kept my weekends pretty busy.
I've already managed to rack up quite a lot of stuff for it. This time I'm going for a more simplistic and atmospheric approach on some of the music, to better serve with the gameplay and the structure of the game.

This first one is trying to be one of the more darker tunes of the game. It would be fitting to a situation where the player is getting close to a kill.

This second one is more in the style of a an investigative theme. We will not have much looping environmental music like in Lucius II, but I suspect I have couple of places where to put this specific theme.

I've already done quite a few simple tunes for the game. Here's a screenshot of my working music folder as of now. Few of them are just small singular instruments playing some long notes and creating atmosphere, but also quite a few are full songs.

This will also probably give some small hints about the actual game too. :) Not too much though.
We've also bought at least one song from an actual band, that we will use in the game. It's possible that the first trailer will see something like this also, hard to say at this point.

I'm dying to show some gameplay footage and bunch of cool stuff from the new Lucius, but I'll still have to wait a bit for them to be on a reasonable fidelity. Soon the concept images in facebook will end and we will start showing some 3D character art probably next.

I will probably keep doing some music for now, but will also soon return to Unintended updates.

In other news:
I joined a Steam fantasy league that I find very interesting. It's a fantasy league where you try to determine which games do well on Steam. Should educational and interesting.

I also went to see the new Alien movie. It was better than I had hoped, but still not certainly the best alien movie. Some good parts and some strange action sequences. They keep trying to make the second movie again, but what they should try to do is the first one again.
I give it 7/10

See you later.


  1. SWEEEET! New Lucius Music! I was just about to run out of songs to listen :D Thank you! Thank you so much! Your music composing skill is getting better and better, the first one is so dark and atmospheric, it did me a spook XD I also love how well the second one sounds, oh boy I'm excited! Do you plan to sell your Lucius III soundtrack? I'll be the first to buy :D I love reading your music titles, always so entertaining haha

    By the way, Lucius' birthday is coming up, any plans? :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Yes. I'm planning the usual things for the soundtrack. Steam, Spotify, etc.

      No real plans for the sixth. Some sales are happening, but that's about it.

    2. Awesome! :D
      Oh but I do ;) Stay tuned~