29 Jan 2017

The Unintended Maze of Mines


Nothing much happening here. I'm slowly progressing through the Mud Castle levels. This is floor number two. It's a sort of a maze of mines. Mine maze? While having this tested I also got some very much unintended and accidental content that I think I'm gonna be using towards the end of this tower.

Anyway, this is how the mines work in Unintended.


It's important to me that the gameplay and content feels fresh and new most of the journey, so that's why I'm trying to implement new features on every corner.

The video seemed to come out pretty laggy for some reason. The game itself runs extremely smooth so it's just my recording software or compressing that's doing it. If there's any developers out there, I would love to hear some recording setups you might have. I have been mostly using Fraps and then converting it with some other software, but I keep loosing some of the colors that way for some reason. This was taken with Screencastify but that tends to not really capture the sound very well and sometimes the framerate seems laggy on the recording. So if you have a secret formula for the best possible gameplay-video-setup then please leave a comment, and I'll probably give it a try.



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  1. Unintended and accidental content... I'm excited to know what it is AwA
    When you mentioned recording software, the first one that came into my mind was this: https://www.bandicam.com/
    (Better than Fraps, they said)