22 Jan 2017

Unintended crochet and falling tiles.

I got a present today. It's pretty cool :)

I like it. It's got a permanent place on our household :)
I've been also working on some music during this week, but didn't really find the exact thing I was looking for. I've also started working on the Mud Castle from the inside. It will be comprised of 7 floors that each have a different style of a puzzle game inside them. One by one you will proceed to towards the top floor, where you will find our second boss fight.

This room has some falling floor traps in it and you will have to find the correct route through. I know, It's a pretty straight forward puzzle, but the next room will already be much more challenging.
The room is currently pretty sterile. I had to create yet another tileset for this castle. I will be probably adding some mud here once I'm done with the puzzles and certain it's not gonna interfere with them too much.

Next week I'll be showing some more floors and hopefully soon our second boss fight.


  1. Aww so cute! I'm guessing it's from your girlfriend? ^u^ Love the idea of figuring out routes using colour difference, it's a fun puzzle, but one thing bothers me though: When the player respawned, the hole which he fell into earlier is already there... hmmmm maybe he learned how to clone himself? Haha ^^

  2. Yeah the game does not really have a real respawning. It always just goes to last checkpoint and you get to continue where you left. This should ease up some of the frustrations that might occur otherwise.