27 Dec 2016

Christmas presents from the devil's son.

So naturally I was not really able to work too much during the christmas. We traveled few hours to the north and spent Christmas there. The weather was not great, but it was fun overall.
Lucius has been on #wintersale and is once again very cheap. -78%

We did a giveaway on facebook and gave away few steam keys. It got pretty good results (2,6k reactions) and we had a christmas themed image created for it.  Pretty dark. A little secret here is that this image is using some assets from Lucius III and it's a straight image from the engine.

I've been working on the mud city a bit and it certainly has a very unique feeling instantly when you enter it. I'll show you the area with music next week.



  1. Missed out this one, oops... Bengt is back! :D I wonder why it wasn't in Lucius Demake, did it morphed into the bear?