10 Dec 2016

The Unintended Mud city and Kudo

Some very small updates today.
I'm working on mud city. Currently it's still very much a work in progress. They kinda look like gingerbread houses, but I assure you they are mud houses :)

It's coming along. I'll show you more once I get it to a more respectable stage.
While building these houses, I also worked on some bugs that got reported to me.
Coincidently I have a real life apartment hunting going on too.

In other news:
I watched Kubo and didn't really think too much of it at first glance. It seemed like a very normal type of 3D movie to me, but after learning that it was fully stop motion animated, my jaw dropped.

Check this out. It's really incredibles.

Kudos to them!

And Cheers!


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  2. Will there be mud residents? :D
    I watched Kubo too, the story is quite normal but the visual is astounding, especially the fact that they did the whole thing using stop motion, really impressive~
    Oh and Good luck on your apartment hunting ^^

    1. Yeah. There will be. Have to think about their look a bit.