16 Sep 2016

The Unintended Music #1

So. It's that time again. I need some new music.
I've just started a new desert themed area and I'm also planning on a castle type of area.
Maybe first some caves and then some mid boss castle.

On the desert theme, I felt like it had to have this feeling of moving slowly and getting stuck, but I also wanted to keep the original theme there in the background.

So I'll let you compare the two:

This is the Over-world music. It's your basic cheery and happy music that tries to stay on the background and hopefully does not get too annoying. No complaints so far.

And here is the desert theme. It kinda sort of has some of the same elements there.

I also did not shy away some of the eighties synth sounds this time. I guess watching "Stranger Things" might have influenced a bit there.

So then there was the castle theme.
My all time favorite song for games has always been the Super Mario world castle theme. So I immediately started to look for something similar. Being that the whole game is very much influenced by the games of that era, I saw it only fitting to do that with the music also.

Now getting it actually done was a whole another thing . There's been several iterations of this "churchy" castle music and I'm still not really 100% happy with it. It's very likely that I will be changing these to a more fitting style, once I actually have the castle area ready, but I though some of you might want to hear it as it is.

Let me know what you think.


Here's a link to some of my earlier music from Lucius II.


  1. Your music has a magic that the more you listen to it, the more you'll love it. The Castle theme is my favourite, it really gives an atmosphere of a grand, mighty, gloomy church/castle place. I also love the happy, energetic Overworld theme and 'hiking feely' Desert theme, but the most important thing is you are satisfied with your own music ^_^