25 Sep 2016

The Unintended Graphics #1

It's been a tight week. I've not had much time to work on Unintended. On the beginning of the week I started working on a bug reporter and made it possible for my testers to report some bugs and the rest of the week I kept on polishing some of the already found issues.

Main thing that I've noticed this week is that I need a some sort of system for keeping track all of the spawn points and entrances between areas.

So.. The Unintended graphics. First when I started the project I just created some green land and couple of houses.

The houses are still there, but I noticed that I need a better way to create the area.
I've never really done 2D graphics before so I had to do quite a bit of learning to get this to a reasonable state.

The house I felt pretty comfortable  from a very early stages. My main reference here was a game called Soleil for Sega Mega drive.
After just creating the furniture for this I was able to create pretty different types of houses with ease. I still need to figure out a better way to create the base for the houses. It's currently not very consistent.

As for the environment I ended up doing a basic tile-mapping and finding a tool for painting it easily to the actual game. After several variations and different attempts, this is what is in the game now. We will have to see if it survives to the very end of the production.

Mostly I struggled with the cliffs and how to get them all to work together seamlessly. After this first one, creating the other areas has been much easier. I mostly just copy this base and start working from there. I also brought my ancient "Wacom" from the office to help me out a bit. After doing the houses with mouse only, it's been a welcome help.

I still haven't really figured out a way here to automatically add animated tiles to the map, but I think I'll just add them separately all together.

That's what I have for you about the environment-art at the moment. I guess next I should talk about the characters and how they're made.

Until then..


  1. The new environment looks great! Perhaps you can play with the colours to enhance the visual? :> Can't wait to read about the characters~ Have a great week ahead!