12 Jul 2017

The Rimestone Ridge

The Rimestone Ridge

After the mud city, after some caves and a mohara desert, it's time to move on, through the eternal pit and the bats of eternal flame. The only way to your next destination is through The Rimestone Ridge. It is a dangerous place that only the most agile heros may cross. Through the never ending rocks and vultures one can survive only to find a gatekeeper, tollman, assigned by the emperor. It is the Ridge Binhan, who stands in your way then.

Here is the first part of the area. Some falling rocks and stuff.
I'm thinking of changing some things still. Maybe change the ground where the rocks hit to different color, so you would have more an idea of where to go here.

I think I will also create some new music for this one. Maybe I can have a more height feeling to it. I have some new characters also planned for this area and some new type of puzzles. Did someone say frogger? We shall see.



  1. The Rimestone Ridge... There's a nice ring to it :D Though I did wondered for a second there if you have misspelled 'rhinestone', but upon checking with Google, I think rime works too, maybe you purposely want to make it unique or there's a meaning behind it, plus they don't look exactly like rhinestones anyway.
    I agree with changing the ground's colour. If an area is frequently hit by rocks, there shouldn't be much grass on it :D

    1. Yeah I think rime is fine. Though you did make me think about it a bit now :) I'll try to stay too away from too self explanatory names and places if I can.