19 Feb 2017

The Unintended news and moving around + Masters of Doom

Bujaka bujaka!

So. I have no officially moved and working from the new apartment. I had to get rid of my old desk and buy a new one so officially I did not work on anything from home during the last couple of weeks.

Reason for getting a new table was to save some room. I wanted to try and put my piano under the desk somehow, so I bought a desk that can be raised a bit to appropriate level.
It's a bit of a dominating part of the room but it kinda works.. sort of.

Anyway now I'm finally back to working on Unintended and a lot of things happening in the game development news.

First off, it seems Valve is removing the Greenlight program and replacing it with a more expensive but totally uncurated version called Direct.

I think it's a step towards the right direction. I don't quite see why would they just not hire a small team to curate the games and let fewer games in. It's baffling to me how all these scam games get through. I was under the impression that they are still hand picked from the greenlight system. I guess that is not the case. Anyway it's a good sign that times they are a changin.

As for my little unintended project. I'm not quite sure what to do with it now. Should I push for greenlight early? Or just fork up the money later? I'm fairly certain it will be the hardest couple of months ever to get through the greenlight, since everyone wants to get past it before it becomes expensive. The game is not really that visually impressive or interesting, (it's not really the main point) so it might be hard for me to get through at this point. I was going to add more eye candy gradually as the game progresses on and really work on the trailer a lot. This anyway sparked some interest to get back to some of the things needed for a clear presentation of the game.

For example I've redone the title screen and added some context to it too.

I also worked on a much more complex background painting, but decided to scrap it and keep it simple instead. Now while doing this, I still discovered some issues with the player selection screen and some other problems at the main menus, so I started to polish them a bit. I might be naming the main characters soon and creating the final two playable characters. I think the game also needs a story cutscene at the beginning. So maybe I'll first work on the mud-king-boss-encounter and an intro cutscene soon after that.

On other news.. Someone recommended a book that I should read called Masters of Doom.
I have to say that, five chapters in, I would already recommend this book for anyone interested in videogames and their development or history.  It's very good so far. Carmack is such a genius.

I also went to the movies again and watched John Wick 2. It was very entertaining. It's interesting to see that no matter what genre, if you have passion for the craft, it will come out great. 8/10

So that's about it for today.
I'll get back to you in a week or so.
Good luck and Stay frosty


  1. It's great to hear from you again! :D Again congratulations on your new home~
    Quite an issue you're facing there... If things are exactly what you've stated, will you still go for greenlight? Direct seems like the better option, less hassle and a secured place for your game in Steam ...with an equal price to pay. Reminds me of those MMORPGs where you need to upgrade something and the success rate is so low, it's like they're forcing you to pay, then only you get your upgrade... Valve is making Steam itself a giant game!

    Either way I'm looking forward to see all the improvements you're going to add, love the sparkling new title screen! <3