24 Nov 2016

The Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge.

So this is a bit of a bonus post. I've been going to a lot of movies lately (not developing games, I know.) and decided that couple of these would deserve a special mention. Who knows, maybe someone will get some more business.

Last sunday we went and saw Hacksaw Ridge. I was already very much aware of this movie and I had quite the high expectations going in. It certainly lived to the hype. It was a very moving film with lots of majestic moments and an underlying story that still even now after reading about it extensively online, is hard to believe.

Many times the lady next to me was in tears during the movie, and I have to say so was I. I tend to get emotional easily but still I think it's a good indicator that the movie has something.  I'm very glad Mel Gibson is directing movies again. He certainly has a talent for it. 
I would not be surprised if this movie would go and win one the big oscars this year. It's all about the politics I guess. It's possible that few of the scenes in the movie might of been slightly overly majestical, but I was able to get over it quickly after learning about the true story behind the movie. It certainly should be majestic. I would say it was not majestic enough!
I give it 9/10. 

So a couple of days after this, we went to a mystery screening. It's this thing where you go into a movie theater without knowing what they are going to play for you. You only know that the movie has not been released yet. The movie was called The Arrival. This was also a very good movie. I have to say that this movie benefited a lot from the whole mystery thing. I was very focused on the movie and eager to learn what it was. I only found out the name of the movie from the end credits. During the opening act, I noticed that the soundtrack was from the great Jóhann Jóhannsson. It was very easy to recognize from the simplistic and still epic sound of it. After watching Sicario I became a big fan of him. The plot of the movie was very familiar from a couple of 90's movies, but the execution I would say was exceptional. Very well done and worked very well as a mystery movie. I would definitely recommend it.

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  1. Awesome review! I'll remember these two titles and watch them if I have the chance :D And don't worry about taking a break from work, regular entertainment is necessary to keep a developer happy and inspired! ^-^