23 Apr 2017

Working on mud.

Two weeks went by. I think I'm finally "mostly" done with the mud city.  Since last update I've added several new houses with new puzzle in them. It's a quest for the four keys made from blocks.

I also added some health for the mud walkers. They are scattered around the town. I still need to work on few things with them, but overall they feel much better now.

There's a few of these keystones, you need to hunt around the town. Most are somehow hidden.

I also changed some of the mud castle floors due to some feedback that I got while people were testing it. I think It's pretty fun now. Still wondering if I should add health to the player or some sort of life system. I hesitate, for it might suddenly look too much like some of its peers and that would not be ideal. I'm not too keen on adding any hearts on the top or anything like that. Then again if it works, then it works.

I'll probably be still polishing some of these features around the mud buildings and adding some secret stuff here or there. So no... We did not get away from the mud yet, but we are close. New features should be right around the corner. Stick that can create land and some shopping mechanics. I've settled on the dynamite. Also adding a stamina or mana of some sort, would create more opportunities for the shop.

Lucius is also coming along nicely. Our statistics show that we are around 50% mark now on content though there's not much of actual gameplay yet. No real puzzles yet. But soon.. It's even got a secret web page already: http://Lucius3.com

But don't tell anyone I told you. ;)
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Okays that's it for today. Thanks for reading.



  1. Oooohh it's like an escape room, love it! :D I also think health system is not very necessary since your game is one-hit death, maybe some kind of perishable shield during battles? Can't wait to see what's beyond mud city ^^ Secret web page? SUBSCRIBED (does sharing your tweet count as telling?) Thanks for updating, keep up with the good work! :D

    1. Yeah. Probably a traditional health is not a good idea. Maybe just having lives and a game over of some sort would do the trick. Thanks for subscribing. I think sharing is just caring. They will not read the whole post anyway :)