30 Oct 2016

The Unintended player two

Hello hello! Another week has gone by.  I've finally have my first iteration of a co-op mode. Two players working on the same screen. One is controlled with a Gamepad and the other with a keyboard.

There are still a lot of issues that need to be fixed on the whole ordeal. These are just the very first steps of the overall process. It currently supports four different players at the same time. There are still some issues with showing the players moving on the screen to their own directions.

Ideal thing would be, that each person will be able to travel freely from area to another without any restrictions. However, that will be much more difficult to implement on the current level change system. I'm also thinking of the possibility that you need to wait for the whole group to a single exit before they change area. I'm probably gonna try that first and see how it feels. If it feels too much, then I'll probably start working on the real system where you can travel freely.

I also made some sticky mud, that will catch the player and traverse them to their doom.

On a side note. I went to the theaters and watched Dr.Strange. I felt it was a great superhero movie. One of the better ones out there. It was very similar to the Matrix and everything was made very well. All the fractals and very clever humor was working for me. Definitely worth the trip.
I'll give it 8 of 10.

I finally released the Lucius Demake soundtrack in Steam.

Lucius games are also part of the whole Halloween sale on Steam. If you don't have them already, get them now when they are practically free.


 Until next week.


  1. Did you make the image for the Lucius Halloween bundle?
    And the game is looking great! If i have the money when its released I'll totally check it out.

  2. Nice to hear. The image was made by Heikki Pulkkinen from our our current game assets.

    1. Cool!!
      Do you have any idea how much the game will be upon release?

    2. If you mean Lucius. We are not sure yet. It will be at least a year or even more. For "Unintended" I'm hoping to get it done during 2017.

    3. Looking forward to both!

    4. Oh sorry I misunderstood. You meant the price. No idea about the price yet.

  3. Looking good~ :D Thank you again for the soundtrack ^^
    Watched Doctor Strange too, best CGI yet!